Protections and Restrictions

  • For how long is my Digital Certificate valid?

    One year.

  • When does the one year validity, of the Digital Certificate, starts counting?

    From the moment is issued in our system. This may vary, depending on the Professional Association you pertain to. For more information, contact us.

  • Is the installation of the Digital Certificate restricted to only one computer?

    Digital Certificates can be installed in any number of computers (certain restrictions may apply, please refer to the Computer Bound Digital Certificates definition inside the Types of Certificates section for more details). Although, for security reasons, it is strongly recommended that the installation of Digital Certificates be restricted to a minimum amount of computers, to whom only you have the control of access.

  • Are there any restrictions that protect the use of my Digital Certificate?

    To Digitally Sign or Certify a document, a username and/or a password needs to be entered. For some tools, both are needed. If any of those is not correct, the Certification process won’t be completed.

  • Can I share my user and password with someone else, to Digitally Certify in my place?

    No. It is strongly recommended that you DO NOT SHARE YOUR USERNAME OR PASSWORD. This may lead to the misuse of your Digital Certificate or submission of projects without your approval.

  • I suspect that my Digital Certificate is being used without my consent. What steps should I take?

    Contact a DTE, LLC Technical Support representative IMMEDIATELY to report the incident.

  • What should I do if the Digital Certificate is used without my consent?

    IMMEDIATLY contact DTE, LLC Technical Support representative, you will need to pass the identity validation protocol and state the date in which your Digital Certificate had been compromised. Other steps may need to be taken for the digital certificate revocation process, that will be explained to you by the DTE, LLC Technical Support representative at the moment the incident is reported.