Types of Digital Certificates

  • What is a Computer Bound Digital Certificate?

    A Computer Bound Digital Certificate are those that are delivered in a CRT file format, also known as Security Certificate files. These CRT files can only be used in the computer from which the Digital Certificate Request Process was made.

  • What is an Exportable Digital Certificate?

    An Exportable Digital Certificate is a term used for those Digital Certificates that can be installed in any computer, therefore, are not bound to be used on a single computer (like the CRT file). The file format of an Exportable Digital Certificate is PFX, which can also be called a Personal Information Exchange file.

  • I have a CRT file. Can I get an Exportable Digital Certificate?

    Yes. CRT files are capable of being exported and converted to the PFX file format. Keep in mind that to obtain your digital certificate in exportable PFX format, the certificate must be installed on the computer from where the Digital Certificate Request Process was performed. For the process on how to make the conversion, refer to the following file Digital Certificate Exportation manual. Not all professional needs to complete the exportation process, as their digital certificate may be already in the exportable format.