Services and Products

We are a full service IT solutions provider specializing in identity management and security systems. Our technical staff will provide you with the right tools to put into practice secure sharing of information, thus allowing you to concentrate on your core business. Our services focus on three main areas:

Enabling the correct tools, whether they are products or services, to manage secure information sharing and processing of our clients’ digital transactions; Attaining satisfactory levels of compliance with applicable US Federal Government and international IT security regulations; and Optimizing the bottom line of our clients through their IT operations.

Our services allow our clients to receive tailored tools and support, as opposed to implementing inadequate off-the-shelf software products. Nonetheless, we typically consider the existence of legacy systems and, provided they meet our criteria and standards, incorporate them in our recommended solutions, improving cost efficiency.

All our services are based on trust, and that is what we build with our customers. But at the same time, trust is required in order to maintain regulatory compliance and productive business relationships: We typically obtain permission to enter facilities and IT networks, as well as sensitive client information. Our service suite is described below.