Technical Support

  • I type in my user and password, but it keeps giving me a ‘Login Failed’ message.

    Use the following criteria:

    • Type in the complete username.
    • Verify that your Caps Lock and Num Lock are correctly set to ON or OFF.
    • Make sure you are login to
  • When I try to login to my account I get a ‘Your login attempt was not successful. Please try again.’ message.

    Use the following criteria:

    • Type in the complete personal email address submitted in our registries, including the mail provider extension (i.e.,, etc…).
    • Verify that your Caps Lock and Num Lock are correctly set to ON or OFF.
    • Confirm the user and password being used when attempting login. Writing the data in a notepad or word document, so that you can explicitly read what you are typing, and performing a simple copy and paste from the document to the login fields, might do the trick for you.
  • My password doesn’t seem to be successfully login to my account or applications when validating the credentials, after having verified the necessary criteria. How do I get my username, password, and PIN (if applicable)?

    Fill out the Service Request Form and send it to, or contact us to the Technical Support Line.

  • Can I change my password or PIN?

    No. The password and PIN are intertwined with the Digital Certificate, therefore, the password or PIN cannot be changed until the Digital Certificate expires.

  • Can I change my email?

    Yes. The contact email can be changed when ever the need arises, but aware that this also change the username, so it will be required to update the tools you are using to digitally sign.

  • I have installed the Digital Certificate in my computer. Where is it?

    The Digital Certificate is not a standalone program, instead, it is installed inside the operating system (Windows or Mac), therefore, no visual reference or icon will be shown on screen.

  • I have installed the Digital Certificate in my computer. How do I verify whether it was properly installed?

    To verify the Digital Certificate’s proper installation, refer to the following manual: Verifying the Installation of a Digital Certificate

  • I have installed the Digital Certificate in my computer. How can I use it?

    To use the Digital Certificate, you need to access it from applications that have the necessary features required to Digitally Sign or Certify documents, applications such as Adobe Acrobat (Reader or Pro), Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, and Autodesk Design Review. You can also use our programs and utilities like the PDFSigner Application, or the PDFSigner Web, available for use through our webpage.

  • I Digitally Signed or Certified my document, but I don’t see anything.

    Some applications may not show a visual reference over the document after signing or certifying it. This all depends on the program your are using. Nearly all the programs with features to use a digital signature show a visual reference, and gives the user the option of where to place that visual reference. Regardless of this, the program will show others indications of a digital signature, either by a message show at the top of the document, or an interactive sidebar with the option to see any digital signature contained in the document.

  • What information can I see from a digitally signed/certified document?

    General information, such as Name, Organization, Professional License Number, date in which the document was digitally certified, and a date range in which the Digital Certificate is issued and until when is valid.

  • I completed the renewal process for my Digital Certificate, does it automatically renew itself in my computer?

    No. a new digital certificate is issued, so you would need to install the new digital certificate in your computer.

  • The seal provided by DTE, LLC has an expired date from the Board of Examiners. How do I update my seal?

    Please send us a copy of the new license from the Board of Examiners to our email: After verifying your information, we will update the information in your account. A notification will be sent instructing you to run de installation tools to update the information depending on your profession.