• How much time should I wait for the email notification?

    Notification emails could take up from one to five business days to be sent.

  • Why can it take up from one to five business days to process my Digital Certificate?

    Keep in mind that the generation of an identity secured Digital Certificate requires a scrupulous identity verification process, which guarantees that the person to whom the Digital Certificate is being handed is in fact the individual that he claims to be. Also, the steps to be taken in order to generate the Digital Certificate requires time and precision. Also, due to high volume of professionals submitting for the Digital Certificate, this can cause a delay.

  • I never received the notification email and the five business day period has already expired. What should I do about it?

    • Notification emails can either be blocked by your email service provider or be sent to your Spam or Junk folders. Check first if they were sent to those. If not, contact us to resend it.
    • Verify that your membership with the college of your profession and your license with the Board of Examiners are valid. If any of these are not valid, it is necessary that you make the arrangements to update this information first so we can continue with the process.
    • Verify if your digital signature has already expired. If you made the payment, and your digital signature is still valid, we won’t proceed to issue a new one until the date of expiration of the current. Do not worry, because when the signature expires, we issue the new one, and we notify you to install it.