Basic Concepts

  • What is the difference between a Digital Certificate and a Digital Signature?

    Both, the Digital Certificate and Digital Signature are implemented to a document in the same way. Now, a digital certificate validates the identity of the person sending the document, and the digital signature validates the information on the document.

  • Is my Digital Certificate the same thing as a scanned signature?

    No. A Digital Certificate is a mathematical algorithm that is uniquely generated for every Digitally Certified document and inserted in documents using a software with the function to use digital certificates. A scanned signature can be inserted by any person who had access to it, and can compromised the validity of a person or a document.

  • Why can’t I keep submitting my plans and documents with my old seal and hand signature?

    Since the documents are being digitally submitted, the OGPe needs a secure way to ensure that the information has not been forged, while having a guarantee, that the professional in question is actually the one approving the projects. Remember, anyone can scan your seal, and hand signature, paste it into a document, and claim that a project has been approved by you. This could cause you to become liable for any legal implications the forged project might have. Therefore, Digital Certificates protect not only your documentation, but your identity as well.

  • How does the Digital Certificate protect my documentation?

    The Digital Certificate once added to a document, registers any change made to it, regardless of how small of a change was made, and immediately invalidates it.

  • Is it true that a Digital Certificate protects my identity?

    Only through DTE, LLC high standard identity controls can the Digital Certificate be considered as identity protected.

  • What is a Digital Certificate Request Process?

    A Digital Certificate Request Process is a mandatory process through which a Digital Certificate is officially applied for by individuals.

  • Does everyone has to go through the Digital Certificate Request Process?

    Not everyone who purchases a Digital Certificate needs to make the Digital Certificate Request Process. Those who purchase a CRT (or Computer Bound Digital Certificate) need to perform the Digital Certificate Request Process. For more information, contact us.